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march 19, 2010 ▌the final boss meme


finally, your friends are in the last dungeon of the game. they've solved all of the obnoxious puzzles, and they're right in front of the last ominous door. but opening it, they find... you?

✈ comment with your username
✈ your friends will reply with what traits/powers you would have as the final boss of a video game (ie, super giant tentacle rays, a loud stereo blasting terrible music)
✈ reply to your friends and tell them what they'd be, keep it going!

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FOODKNIGHT: clearly some giant fucking suit of armor with a cheeseburger for a head, giant fork and knife as spears, and idk a body that is actually just a bong disguised as ar..mor... yeah idk either it seemed like a good idea until i typed it out LMFAO?
just a suit of armor with a bong inside. He is a knight of food, sworn to protect the sacred munchies.

so really by final boss they actually mean
final bong hit
Godmoding. Like Aizen.

Or you'd be some freaky fish mutant in a giant pitch black tank.
Can it be a flesh eating fish?
Sure, why not?
Okay good. So after I kick asses and take names I can have a victory meal. Omnomnom~
A crazy scientist type in a white lab coat, who has loads of deadly gadgets with weird, long, sciency names.

You'd go: 'Mwahahaha, how do you like the taste of my Super Atom Smasher Ray Gun Taser?!'
I like dis!
Evil scientist with a giant parasite spewing sunfish cannon :o
That's so cute. D:


March 20 2010, 03:43:58 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  March 20 2010, 03:45:54 UTC

[Bad username: you_are_all_going_to_die]

Er, I mean, hyena_says_rawr
-We double team
-You whip me and I let out a yell that lowers their defense
-All they do is damage me but your whip heals me
It makes all the enemies freeze up.
moeness and sexy legs
then you're in mao costume with graces childhood battle theme as the bgm.
moe, sexy boss who happens to be in corrupted state. oh wait.
a cool guy who will swinging around a bat. wait what---

sob idk this just popped out in my mind orz
MEmememe! this_troper!
You would be full of one-hit KO moves.
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